You didn't have to block out the Japanese writing in your HW post. We all know Zelda's just inquiring about the booty.

Yusha booty no subarashi desu~ <33

Legacy of the Hero

Do he got the booty?”

"He dooooooooooo-“

 ”P-Princess, please don’t.….”

I’m trash. 

(Original screenshots taken by munettie I erased the text in the second one so japanese-savvy people wouldn’t get accidentally spoiled.)

I just wanna say you are probably my favorite zelda blog on here. Your artwork is stunning and weeeehhhh I love your art blogs and your main. I've followed you for a while but I just wanted to say you're fantastic. Keep doin what you do! You seem like such a sweet person and man are you talented!

Oh how very sweet of you ;u; thank you so much <3!!Glad you enjoy what you see, hope i can continue providing <33


Description over at my dA :) &lt;3 For the crew at ZREO.

For the anon who asked me which was my Twilight Symphony piece bringing it back. Here you go, anon!

Whats the most cute thing u think that link has done?


It felt wrong not to draw something for him, given how much joy he brought others.
The Zelda fandom lost a great man today. Sending strength and light to his family, especially his daughter, zeldawilliams

Hey feri, is it ok if were allowed to do fanart of your zelda characters?, like Ginger link and the other Hero's requiem characters?, I thought they were all beautifully done so I thought it would be fun to try and draw them?

Of course! Go ahead! Seeing other people’s renditions of my characters always makes me happy ;3;

Thanks Feri now every time i read Cia;s dialogue it will be in Helga’s voice

I live to serve

Here is a Black Mage from FF 1 just for you!  Consider it a thanks for the HW zelink baby!

SENDING ME A CUTE PIC WONT MAKE ME FORGIVE U. Seriously tho, thank &lt;3333
Did an adult version of this lil shit here. Decided to name him Karem. Fanbabe for HW Zelda and Link and it&#8217;s all Kevin and Queenie&#8217;s fault, blame them for this becoming a thing I draw now &gt;:T stupid warrior prince babbu &lt;/3

You know that little scene in Hyrule Warriors when Link and Zelda stare at each other. I suddenly imagined the captain or the instructor or whatever suddenly bonking him on the head saying: "Pay attention!" And when Link looks back, she's gone.