Feri's INPRNT shop!? ↗



Quick sketch of WiiU Link cuz I love his stupid face and stupid ponytail and stupid everything. Might color it.

Gah! I bought your “Trials by Spirit” shirt from RedBubble a while back. You asked me for a pic of the shirt. Your art is so very wonderful! I would love to have more of your art on my clothing!!!

Aaaah, thank you for buying my stuff O(≧∇≦)O!! <33 Depending on how this one turns out when I paint it, I may offer it oon Redbubble too if people want <3 I just wanna do some small painting practices before I tackle it ;u;

Feri, you just made my day!! Thank you for this amazing ponytail Link art!

Oh gee, thanks anon! <3

Quick sketch of WiiU Link cuz I love his stupid face and stupid ponytail and stupid everything. Might color it.

Firstly I just want to say that I really, really love your art! It was really cool seeing the process of how you draw it in your last stream, but I was wondering what program do you use? Sorry if you've been asked that before... :S

I use Paint Tool Sai :D thanks dear!

Ah, childhood memories…~

Doodled my baes tonight &lt;3 Missed them~

Haha so I’m doing the outline for Hero’s Requiem, and I have two endings for it, and I don’t know which one to go for….  One is tragic/bittersweet and feely, and the other one is nicer/happier.  My gut tells me go for the bittersweet one but I also like some elements of the happy one, what do LOL ?

maybe ill just kill everyone and they can have a party in heaven?

The amount of Zelink that's been on your Hero's Requiem ask blog lately has made me fangirl so much! You're such an amazing artist and writer!

Haha it’s been a bit hard to deliver because of their current relationship (him not wanting to have anything to do with her outside of work related stuff)  but I’m enjoying the challenge xD I’m glad you people like it!

What program do you use for your art?

Paint Tool Sai c:!

Is Daphnes named after the King of Red Lions in Wind Waker?? (P.S. Love your work :3)

Yes haha (thanks!)

I love this wolf/Link stuff. It's so fun to read!! :)

Its so fun to draw/write for me too haha

I seriously love the Hero's Requiem AU that you're doing! Do you have any big plans for it in the future?

Of course!! Working on the timeline of events before I do anything concrete. :)

I feel weird because one of my favorite versions of Zelink is the Hero Requiem Zelink and it's nOT EVEN CANON