Not a question, I just had to write after I saw your art from your askblogs yesterday and say that I really appreciate how much effort you put into your work! I know you don't have much time and using pre-made icons is probably the best way to do things, but everytime you post an ask-specific picture it puts a huge smile on my face :)

Oh, thank you so much! <3 Pre made icons are just better and more efficient when there’s questions that just require an explanation and not a visual representation ^^ I save my energy for those that really merit art since yeah, I usually have other things to do ^^;  and I run the blogs on the side for fun! Glad you like them  though!

If you were adventuring with Link, what would be your weapon of choice?


Just incase you somehow didn't know, the first five minutes of HTTYD 2 have been posted online!!

Hahaha I saw it once it got leaked from Wondercon (Saturday or Sunday)  so I’ve watched it.. several times *o* omg

What program do you use for your art? It seems like you can get things done pretty quick and your art is always so amazing!!

Thank you! I use Paint Tool Sai for the brunt of my work, and Photoshop CS5 for post-processing (Adjusting colors or adding text)

Just out of curiosity, how does HR Link realize his feelings for HR Zelda?

You’ll know eventually :U

Meeting Link the Wanderer by Philsterman01/10 || Times played:598

Magic!Anon is here! The whole family gets turned into cute remlits for one, adorable family picture!


Fwuffy Family :3 

If your sister were to fall for someone, or get a boyfriend, how would you react? Would you hate the guy's guts? Or maybe just keep an eye on him from afar?






Brother of the Year

HR Link and Zelda in TLK style. It was long overdue. /TLKfies all the things.

I just saw a picture that you drew for Queenie on her birthday [Time, Twilight, and Sky are popping out of a giant birthday cake] and I have to say it is my favorite picture on the internet XD [sorry it's not a question but thought you should know x) ]

Hahaha thank you honey XD It was fun to work on that one!

Ok, so, that livestream was fuuuuunnnnnnnn!!! (I was stunninglysarcastic,) so, how much will you take for a painting?

Depends on the number of characters and painting style! You can look at this chart for ref :)

You do reaction image commisions, right? How much do those normally range?

Depends on how many you want! Here’s the original post. I’ll be opening slots for these pretty soon.

Planning on getting Tomodachi Life?

Eh, I don’t know. Direct was hilarious as all hell, but save for Animal Crossing New Leaf, I’m not big on Sim Games. We’ll see.

hey link, give us the most threatening face you can. The kind that says "I am going to castrate you with a wooden spoon!"


A wooden… spoon? (that sounds painful…. and aggresive…)

Looking threatening isn’t really one of my strong suits but.. um, I guess I can give it a try… here goes…


How was that???

Painfully old art beside new art. Okay yah, I need to remake these faces when I finish some of the stuff I owe lmao. OTL;;;

Where is the story for your au?

I’m working on it, it’s not posted anywhere yet. I just have concept sketches and tidbits avsilable at